We offer exemplary creativity and technical expertise across all areas of music composition. We
compose in every imaginable style for film & television scores, commercials, show and stage
productions, gaming, advertising, jingles, corporate branding, special events and interactive

From pre-production to post, we provide a unique stylistic versatility with a keen sense of harmonic
perfection to fulfill your production needs. We also offer a wide selection of tracks from our
catalogue of original music; whether it’s finding a hidden musical gem or creating a new
composition, we will ensure that the music you use resonates perfectly with your vision.
We can deliver what you want quickly and effectively for any musical need.

Songwriting, jingles, lyrics and instrumentals in a wide variety of genres.

Full production of recording projects, from radio spots to singles to demos to complete albums,
including arranging, recording, editing, mixing & mastering.

Scoring, charting and tracking for a variety of applications.

Vocals, programming (keyboards, bass, drums, percussion, orchestral, etc.), instruments (guitars, bass,
percussion, etc.), voiceovers, audio for video, and more!

Harmonic balancing, equalization, compression and optimizing, including final track layout and master
preparation of physical disc or DDP files, to red book specifications with ISRC codes and track info for
online libraries.

For more information about custom music scoring, licensing an existing track, or production music
studio services, please contact us at (530) 426-2376

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