His musical journey takes root at the depth of his soul. His culture defined by passion and a love for all things beautiful, pure and honest, believing every living soul is created the same. Besarion reflects this passion and the love he grew up with in his music. Every note, lyric and rhythm express unity and demonstrates, there is no difference between us; we are all created equal.

 He takes your soul to solace with the unique tones of each composition. Steeped in the rich heritage of Georgian music, Besarion has defined who he is as a singer, songwriter, and composer. His complex talents radiate his passion and quality he looks to sustain through his music. Besarion believes we are in a revolution, this allows him to create and conquer through his music. His hard work and talent have resulted in acting roles and composing for film scores.

His journey has not been easy. Recognizing his musical skills and love for the art, his family in the magnificent country of The Republic of Georgia made great sacrifices to support him through this journey. A journey that began as a teenager starring in movies and musicals in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi. This led to a deep desire to begin writing melodies and composing scores for films and theatre. This desire compelled Besarion to come to America and continue to share his heart-felt music.


Daniel Gledhill began studying the piano at the age of 5 with Dr. Irene-Peery Fox
in Provo, Utah. Since then, he has become an accomplished pianist, winning 1st prizes
on both national and international stages. At the age of 11, Daniel began to supplement
his regular piano lessons with chamber music instruction from accomplished teachers
such as cellist Roger Drinkall and Igor and Vesna Gruppman from the Rotterdam
Conservatory of Music. These teachers helped him to develop a very deep love for
collaboration and from there, he began to work constantly with a string trio that he formed,
which performed consistently until he began his college education.

From an early age, Daniel composed for orchestral ensembles and continued his
education at the University of Southern California where he attended the Scoring for
Motion Pictures and Television program. Currently he works as a free-lance composer in
the Los Angeles area, writing for solo piano, as well as large orchestral ensembles for film
and concert settings.

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